TRUMAT is seriously committed to the safety of each and every employee, as well as the protection of the property of the Company, our customers and the general public.

We have developed, promoted, and are enforcing a safety program designed to keep accidents to an absolute minimum, to conscientiously maintain shop, and work areas, and to ensure mechanically sound equipment, and tools.

Everything reasonably possible will be done to effect, and maintain safe working conditions.

TRUMAT strives to comply with the Health, Safety and Environmental regulations at all its project locations. All areas of responsibility and enforcement as outlined by the Safety Program are to be followed without exception.

Each individual in a supervisory capacity is responsible for the safety of those in their charge. Each employee is also expected to cooperate fully in helping to protect themselves, and their fellow workers to ensure a safe and healthy working environment.

TRUMAT also follows the guiding principle that safety should also result in minimizing the impact of human activity on the local environment by following the best practices in green construction.

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